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Ultimate Vinyl sparring set

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Item Product Description Color/Product Size More Info Pro-Spar Head Guard Martial Arts Mart's Pro-Spar Head Guard is made with multi-coating process and air release vented ear protection. Pro-Spar head guard is good for karate point sparring and tae kwon do sparring.Pro-Spar head guard offers six popular colors. Not recommended for full contact sparring. Red/99-460 Black/99-470 Ch , S , M , L , XL To purchase just the Pro-Spar Head Guard click here Action Chop Gloves New and improved design! Constructed with a single piece of solid foam core that is thicker over the knuckles. Vinyl outer shell with a nylon inner lining and an integrated grip bar. Lightweight and fast, perfect for light sparring! Sparring equipment that provides you with maximum protection while meeting your budget. Red/10-0120 Black/10-010 PeeWee, Ch , S , M , L , XL To purchase just the Action Chops click here Action Kicks Tiger Claw’s Action Kicks are newly improved for greater protection. Built with thick molded padding to protect the top of your foot, Action Kicks feature an internal toe strap, a thick arch strap and a traditional wide X-pattern cross strap to keep it firmly in place. Dense ankle pieces provide support, while dual side slits maintain flexibility for all your kicks. Made of high quality coated vinyl with heavy duty construction to resist tears and punctures. The Tiger Claw Action series of sparring equipment meets your economic needs while offering you maximum protection. Red/10-120N , Black/10-110N , ChS,CHL , S, M , L , XL To purchase just the Chop click here Extreme Tiger Claw Pack A spacious gear bag that converts into a useful backpack. Excellent for practitioners on the road. Sturdy nylon construction with 3 handy zipper pockets. Black Small is 24"(L)x12"(W)x12"(H, large is 30"(L)x13"(W)x14"(H). To purchase just the Mesh Bag click here Clear Single Mouth Guard Durable shock-absorbing design. Clear Adult or Child To purchase just the Clear Single Mouth Guard click here Mouth Guard Case Mouthguard case for single or double mouth guard. Black , Red , Yellow One Size To purchase just the Mouth Guard Case click here More saving choices with Training Packs click here.

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