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Kung Fu Tai Chi Summer 2018

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Cover Story

40           Chen Taiji’s Eyebrow Level Staff
Master Chen Ziqiang Paving the Way to Success
By Emilio Alpanseque




26           Fu Taijiquan
A Fusion of Internal Arts
By Liang Keming with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching


32           Advanced Taiji Push Hands
Da Le
By Jie Gu, Li Weiqian, and Zhou Yudong


52           The Kwan Yin Palm Sitting Form 
By Brian Kuttel

58           That’s Using Your Head
Hakka Headbutting Tactics
By Williy Pang


64           The Devastating Palm Techniques of the Seven Star Mantis Style
By Lee Kam Wing and Derrick Wright


70           Fighting with Qinna
Eagle Claw’s Entry Concepts
By Williy Pang


76           Bruce Lee – A Life
A New Biography from Martial Author Matthew Polly
By Gene Ching



82           The Double Sabers
Kung Fu Artistry at Its Best
By Rick L. Wing


88           The Fighting Method and Key Points of the Tiger Fork
By Frank Yee and Pedro Cepero Yee with Saunders Elmore


102        Featured Weapon
               Tiger Trident

Tournaments – Events - News


16           The 26th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at U.C. Berkeley
By Gene Ching

18           Where There Is Unity, There Is Strength
Zhang San Feng Asian Cultural Arts Festival 2018
By Gene Ching


22           Grandmaster Henry Poo Yee 1940–2018
By Abe Chu, Paul Dermody and Sam Han


23           Grandmaster “Uncle” Allen Joe 1924–2018
By Gene Ching


24           Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing’s Final U.S. Tour
By Emilio Alpanseque with Kimberly Ivy

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