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Kung Fu Tai Chi Fall 2018

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Cover Story
46           Soft Power and the Beginning of It All
By Gene Ching

10th Annual Tiger Claw Elite Championships
10           2018 Tiger Claw Elite Championships
12           Tiger Claw Elite Championships

16           The 6th Annual Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship 

18           Tiger Claw Elite Championships Grand Champions

20           WILDAID Tiger Claw Champions

22           Ku Yu-Cheung Bak Sil Lum Champion

22           Year of the Dog – Top Dog Champion

23           Tiger Claw Elite Championships Top Schools

24           KUNG FU TAI CHI DAY

28           Tiger Claw Elite Championships Staff & Volunteers

56           Head to Toe Flexibility
Debunking Myths & Correcting Misconceptions
By Emilio Alpanseque and Joseph Scarcella
64           Uncovering a Taiji Diamond
By Cici Kay
68           The Gentle Side of Five Ancestors Fist By Daniel Kun
74           Choy Lee Fut Internal Training
From Tendon Changing & Marrow Washing to Unlocking Martial Secrets
By Emilio Alpanseque
80           Toisanese Kung Fu
The Crane from a Different Mother
By Peter Pena
88           The Dao of Kung Fu Grappling
How Heavy Ancient Weapons Apply to Unarmed Combat
By Chris Friedman
92           The Sun and the Swastika
Sun Style Taijiquan Small Frame
By Xiao Yijing with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching

102        Featured Weapon
Song Dynasty Jian

Tournaments – Events - News

34           Cal Wushu at 22nd Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament
By Nancy Ong

36           Descendants of Dean Chin Honored on Capitol Hill
By Ron Wheeler

38           A Boston Qi Party
the 2018 US Dragon and Lion Dance Federation Championships
By Lori Ann White

40           The Tai Chi Gala Ignites the Passion for the Internal Arts
By Violet Li

42           Dr. Dan Netherland 1947–2018
By Zhao Xiaohu

43           Grandmaster Kwong Wing Lam 1947–2018
By Gene Ching

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