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Kung Fu Tai Chi 1998 NOV Issue

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Cover Story Cung Le:Sanshou's Golden Boy Features: Head Injury in Sanshou; Avoiding preventable death Mongolian Wrestling - Shuai-chiao's little known, but powerful brother Luo Han Shi Ba Shou - 18 Hands Shaolin Form The Complete Shaolin Form and its Sanda and Qinna applications Master Pan's "Gangbuster!" Master Pan's techniques of CHIN NA and FEI NA Tat-Mau Wong's Full Contact San Francisco's Top promoter brings fighters to the ring Jason Yee- Double Edged Champion The Shaolin Monk Show - Live! Dazzling Kungfu: A Hollywood audience of 6000 Gladiator Chest Development for the Martial Artist Stronger pectoral muscles to increase your striking power and speed Qigong: Taoist Water Method - The gentle way Bigu Qigong and Weight Loss Qi as a food source- Chinese Herbs & Immune System Some relief for the chilly scenes of winter Tournaments: Lily Lau's Eagle Cup Tournaments - A gathering of the stars Taiji Legacy -Jimmy Wong's successful Taiji Tournament adds a major event to the circuit Tiger's Tale Tiger's Tale Talk

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