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Kung Fu Tai Chi May + June 2018

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Cover Story Close Encounters of the Canine Kind Wushu Pioneer Kenny Perez and His Pursuit of Dog Boxing By Emilio Alpanseque On the Set of Into the Badlands Season 3 By Gene Ching Discipleship Ceremony The Promise of Continuity and Longevity of a Traditional Kung Fu By Reza Momenan and Sarah Parker  The Legacy of Grandmaster Ku Yu-Cheung and Bak Sil Lum By Gene Ching and Jeff Lin Kung Fu Currency The Arcane Art of Chinese Coin Throwing By Peter Pena The Way of Archery China’s Most Venerated and Overlooked Martial Art By Gene Ching The Long and Short of the Hakka 5 Element Staff By Williy Pang Join the Circus! Philip Sahagun’s Unique Journey from Champion to Cirque Du Soleil Artist Coach By Gene Ching The Significance of Shaolin Stances By Chris Friedman Featured Weapon The Double Short Whips of the Five Ancestors Chollywood Rising: Chinese New Year Dogfight and What’s Coming Soon By Gene Ching

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