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Kung Fu Tai Chi 2015 July/August

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Cover Story

42   Jack Tu
       Jackie Chan’s Disiple

       By Gene Ching


22   Xingyi from Dragon Gate Mountain

       By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh

28   Chen Taijiquan Today
       Balancing Tradition and Globalization

       By Emilio Alpanseque

34   4 Methods of Dongyue Taiji
       By Men Ganhong with Gigi Oh and Cat Hii

52   In and Out

       By Arnaldo Ty N??ez

58   The Yin Spot
        Power from the Dark Side of Forms

       By Gene Ching

62   Flexible Wing Tsun

        By Keith Sonnenberg

70   The Throwing Tactics of Pak Mei Kung Fu

        By Williy Pang

76   Interview with Coach Wu Bin

        By Gigi Oh with Zhao Xiaohu

80   Pudao
       The Big Knife

       By Yanqing Ding with Jeannie Gee

Tournaments - Events - News

92  Featured Weapon
      Twin Whip Chains

10  Clawmarks

       By Jonny Oh with Zhao Xiaohu

16  James Lacy 1950?2015

        By Helen A. Buckett

16  Master Kwong Man Fong 1945-2015

       By the In-Door Disciples of Master Kwong Man Fong

17   Grandmaster Che Cheng Chiang 1935-2015

        By Mary Su

18   Pie in the Sky The 23rd Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at U.C. Berkeley

       By Gene Ching

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