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Kung Fu Tai Chi 2001 JANUARY/FEBRUARY Issue

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Features: Meet Grandmaster Alexander Tao Founder of China's Police Combat Method- Jing Quan Dao. Martial Arts Training With The Chinese Military Police. Busted! Kungfu Masters Reveal Their Favorite Military Police Attacks. Training With China's Police - The Gung An. Martial Arts for Real Life Combat. Lily Lau Teaches Female Police in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Li Tai Liang Professional Trainer of the Beijing Police, China's Paramilitary, Government Bodyguards, and Shaolin Temple Fighting Monks. The Art of Combating Colds and Flu. Three Great Warrior-Guardians Gather. Dragon Spirit Qigong by Master Yuanming Zhang. Kungfu Horoscope The Year of the Snake. Wushu Kungfu 2000 Championships in San Diego. Speaking with Michelle Yeoh and An Exclusive Interview with Ang Lee.

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