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DVD & Weapon - Bodhidharma Cane & Shaolin Tonfa Master Kit

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DVDK-CA117C _x0016_ Bodhidharma Cane & Shaolin Tonfa Master Kit - SAVE 20% on the DVD and Weapons purchase.

Bodhidharma Cane is very rare and special Shaolin weapon. Known only to monks and local folk masters, Shaolin monk Shi Yantuo reveals the methods of Bodhidharma cane. Shi Yantuo also demonstrates double Bodhidharma Cane, which many believe to be the Shaolin precursors of Okinawan Tonfa and modern-day police batons. With assistance from Shaolin Monk Shi Yanfei, learning Bodhidharma Cane and Shaolin Tonfa are described in easy to understand lessons.

Includes Bodhidharma Cane , Tonfa and Instructional Bodhidharma Cane & Shaolin Tonfa DVD

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