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32 Posture Taiji Sword

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Taiji Sword is a weapon form of Taiji practice in which the sword is seen as an extension of the body and it shares the same principles as Taijiquan, Taiji bare hand forms.

The ultimate goal in Taiji Sword practice is to have the body and sword move as a harmonious and unified whole.

 In 1956, the National Physical Education Committee of the People?s Republic of China , developed the 32 Form Taiji Sword basing on the movements of the Yang Style Taiji Sword. This sword form has been widely accepted and practiced throughout the world.

 In this instructional DVD, Master Helen Liang will first demonstrate the entire routine followed by a demonstration of the individual movements. Master Helen Liang has produced numerous DVDs. She has been featured on television, as well as newspapers and magazines in China , US, and Canada for her expertise in the martial arts.

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