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DVD - KungFu Qigong Magazine Gala Benefit Cover Masters' Exhibitions

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On August 24th, 2002, The Tiger Claw Foundation held a Benefit Gala for its special committee, the Friends of Wushu, in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary of Kung Fu Qigong Magazine. This unprecedented event attracted the world's top Kung Fu masters and raised $20,000. Two extraordinary exhibitions of martial arts were held, the Feature Masters in the afternoon and the Cover Masters in the evening. (approx. 90 min)

Cover Masters

Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Master Chan Kai Leung
Master Tony Chen
Master Hu Jianqiang & Master Hu Jiayin
Master Jin Taiyang
Master Eric Lee
Master Harlan Lee
Master Li Shu Dong
Master Li Sui Hung & Master Joe Keit
Master Helen Liang
Master Liu Yu
Master Ren Guangyi
Shaolin Monk Shi Xinghao
Master Phillip Wong
Master Tat Mau Wong
Master Benny Meng
Master Grace Wu-Monnat
Master Zhang Hong Mei
Former Shaolin Monk Zhang Li Peng
Master Zhong Luo
Grandmaster Chan Pui & Master Mimi Chan
Grandmaster Chan Sau Chung
Grandmaster Chen Jian
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang
Grandmaster Liang Shouyu
Grandmaster Pan Qingfu & Master Dianne Naughton
Shaolin Temple Overseas Venerable Abbot Shi Guolin
Grandmaster Alexander Tao
Grandmaster Henry Poo Yee
Grandmaster Tai Yim
Grandmaster Zhang Yuanming
Chief Wudang Priest Zhong Yun Long

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