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Staffs Batons Sticks

Staffs Batons Sticks

Weapons Staffs Batons 

Tiger Claw’s Jo and Bo staffs are made from select hardwood, wax wood and superior grade rattan. The hardwoods are heavy weight and have a fine, splinter resistant finish that allows hands to slide smoothly and quickly. Our rattan staffs are light weight and flexible with the perfect “snap-back” to show the power behind the strikes.

Tiger Claw’s Elite Competition Bo is designed for the flash and dazzle of a champion competitor! Trimmed with mylar metallic and glitter tape, with a no-slip center grip. It breaks down into two pieces for easy transport. It also comes with fitted nylon carrying case.

In this section we offer a wide variety of staffs, batons, Escrima sticks for your daily training and/or tournament competition.