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Graphite Competition Nunchuck (Nunchakus)

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Note: Clearance item is limited to availability. It lists only the available size(s) and good only while supply lasts. Clearance price is the price of the smallest size of the item. A higher price may apply to larger size(s). Clearance item may arrive in different shades of the original color. All clearance item sales are final and non-returnable nor exchangeable. Graphite Nunchuck (Nunchakus) Lightweight competition grade Nunchuck (Nunchakus) with shimmer-finish black graphite-coated rods and a traditional cord swivel of strong nylon. These are fast and light for dazzling displays sure to be gold medal winners! Note: This nunchakus cannot be shipped to Canada and Australia or to the states of California, Massachusetts, and New York. If the item cannot be shipped to these locations, then the above special notice will appear on the item's discription-ordering page. For other countries and states, please check your local regulations. Available in Color: Black, Red, and Blue.

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