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Sundragon Nunchuck (Nunchakus) - 12"

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These are the ultimate competition chuck! Classic wooden octagon shafts that are finely tapered with a rounded inset to prevent cord fraying. Lightweight for faster forms and techniques. A crowd pleaser at any tournament or demo! Inspired by the unique designs of Sundragon Nunchuck (Nunchakus), creators of one of a kind custom nunchakus and the Sundragon Nunchuck (Nunchakus) video series. (Padded Nunchakus Case Included) Available in Color: Black/Yellow/Black, Red/White/Blue, Silver/Black, and Natural. Note: This nunchakus cannot be shipped to Canada and Australia or to the states of California, Massachusetts, and New York. If the item cannot be shipped to these locations, then the above special notice will appear on the item's discription-ordering page. For other countries and states, please check your local regulations.

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