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This is a replica of one of the world’s most famous swords, the Sword of Guojian, King of Yue.  The original is from the Spring and Autumn period (771-403 BCE) and was discovered in 1965.  It is currently part of the collection of the Hubei Provincial Museum.  Even though the sword was recovered after being underwater, it was still sharp and untarnished, a true testament to the wisdom of ancient swordmaking.  True to the original, this sword is a magnificent reproduction, accurate to the smallest details.  Like the original, the blade has a unique cross-hatching etching, and even dips in slightly in the foible, a detail most antique forgers overlook with ancient swords.  The guard is even set with turquoise, just like the original.  The Chinese characters are written in the ancient bird-worm seal script of calligraphy and state “King of Yue” and “made for personal use”.  The only difference is that the original was made of bronze and this one is constructed from a bronzed steel The sword comes complete with an elegant fitted sword stand, a thick felt sword bag and a classy latched presentation box.  Length: 21.9”  Weight: 1 lb 13 oz

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