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Crane Sword

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This is a premium sword – a REAL weapon. The blade is made of Damascus steel (AKA pattern-welded steel). It is a traditional blade making process where layer upon layer is forged into the blade so the core of the blade is flexible and able to withstand the rigors of combat, while the edge is hard to keep a razor-sharp edge. Damascus steel has a beautiful patterned appearance which looks like wood grain or rippled water patterns. It is highly sought after by sword and knife collectors. THIS BLADE IS SHARP. The Crane Sword is adorned with traditional crane and pine tree motifs. The blade is a flattened-diamond cross-section. The fittings are cast metal with a silken cord tasseled belt loop. The scabbard and handle are of exotic dark hardwood. Comes with an embroidered silk presentation case. Measurements: Total length: 40 inch, blade length: 30 inch. total weight: 5.2LBS, sword only: 3.8LBS

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