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Kwan Dao - 2 Piece Stainless Steel Dragon Head Kwandao

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Long Weapon ñ 2 Pieces Dragon Head Kwan Dao

This traditional Chinese weapon Kwan Dao has a beautifully cast solid brass Dragon Head fittings and a thick yet flexible steel blade with a protective chrome finish.

This special Kwan Dao has an added twist ñ it can be separated into two pieces for easier transportation, storage and most is as a second weapon. The sturdy steel shaft screws together for a tight fit to form an approx. 8 lb weapon.It is a top quality weapon and a perfect weight for the traditional kungfu stylist.

Approximate measurement: The blade measures 24" in length and has a steel tip base 10" in length. Overall length is 80" from top to bottom. Overall weight is 8 lbs.

It comes with a custom-fit weapon case! These new cases are constructed from durable black nylon, filled thick protective padding, complete with a sturdy handle and luggage tag. Only from MartialArtsMart!

- The above measurements maybe slightly vary due to different shipments and or manufactures.
- The carrying case is extra. It can not be returned or exchanged.

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