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2 Pieces Pudao

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Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock. Please notify me when this item is back in stock. The Pudao is a traditional weapon of Chinese martial arts. Often called a 'chopping blade' or a 'horse-cutting blade', this special Pudao has an added twist – it can be separated two pieces for easier transportation and storage. The sturdy steel shaft screws together for a tight fit to form a 4 lb weapon with an overall length of 65". When in sections, the longest section is 36". The blade is 21". Chrome-plated for easy maintenance and dazzling performance. Each Pudao comes with a custom-fitted weapon case, constructed from durable black nylon with thick protective padding. Each case comes complete with a strapping handle and luggage. The carrying case is included for free with every Pudao. Only from! Note: carrying case is extra cannot be exchanged or replaced if damaged.

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