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Demon Shangfang Bao Jian Sword

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The unique guard on this sword bears a swooping demon head with a ring through its nose. This symbolizes taming demons, a job tasked only to the most powerful swordsmen. The scabbard throat collar and end cap are adorned with ancient dragon and phoenix motifs. This sword comes with a special-fitted nylon carrying case. The Shangfang Bao Jian is a legendary sword, presented by the Emperor to his most trusted warriors. The bearer of a Shangfang Bao Jian had a license to kill in the Emperor's name. These Shangfang Bao Jian are produced by China's venerated Dragon Well forges. Each blade is handcrafted from heavy tempered steel (1.5" wide and .25" thick at the forte) and etched with the characters for Shangfang Bao Jian and dragon. Each sword comes in a tailor-made scabbard of fine hardwood with a embroidered presentation box. Please note that there may be slight variations as each sword is completely hand made. Sword weight (without scabbard): 3lb 2oz. Sword length: 41" Blade length: 32" NOTE: These Shangfang Bao Jian swords were produced in a small batch exclusively for Tiger Claw. Once they are sold, they will not be restocked.

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