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HanKook Sword

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Limited Time Offer! Sorry, this item is SOLD OUT. The HanKook Sword is a traditional Korean weapon reminiscent of a Japanese Katana. The aluminum blade has a graceful curve, a single unsharpened edge and a single fuller. The handle and scabbard are constructed of natural wood. Traditionally, this sword has no guard, only a metal fitting, which matches with the throat and end cap of the scabbard. Adorned with a traditional Korean ball and mystic knot tassel, the HanKook Sword comes with a custom-fit nylon carrying case. Size Small: Blade Length: 25 inch; Overall Length: 36.5 inch; Weight 1.6 lb; Size Large: Blade Length: 29.5 inch; Overall Length: 43.5inch; Weight 2.1 lb

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