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Instructor Cane

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Sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock. Please notify me when this item is back in stock. Developed exclusively for Tiger Claw by Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr.— the Cane Master himself. Made of Golden Wood harvested from the high forests of Asia. This golden-hued wood is light in weight but very strong. Enables lightning quickness and reliable durability. Laser etched Tiger Claw and Canemasters logos on shaft. Canes are aprox. 36" long; the shaft is 1" to 1-1/8" in diameter. All canes include a rubber tip. Please Note: Each cane is handmade and unique.There are variations in size and weight from cane to cane. Instructor Cane - Designed with safety in mind, this is the perfect cane for the instructional environment. Both the horn and tip are rounded, with one set of grips just below the crook, which has been opened to allow an easier release when practicing throws and takedowns.

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