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Striking Shield

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Top of the line multi-striking vinyl shield. Angled on all sides to allow you to work every angle of your opponent. Whether you're working uppercuts, elbows, or body shots, this is the shield that will help develop your skill-set and take you to the next level in your training. Easily absorbs full contact strikes. The stitched and riveted reinforced Velcro straps and handle ensure a more secure grip and longer use. 10-833S (size S): 19”W×11½”H×5½D”; 10-833L (size L): 24”W×15”H×6”D

Staff Picks by Brian: " This shield is like no other out there, with angles on all sides it allow you to train: body shots, uppercuts, elbows, knees you name it all with one shield.”

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Small: 19”W×11½”H×5½D”; Large: 24”W×15”H×6”D

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